Saturday, March 29, 2008

the other side of the cat hair quilt

I put this is the quilt show and it got more comments than I expected. Of course, I expected no comments at all, so the three comments I got were a positive!
The pattern is called Jewel Box. In this Jewel box, I have turquoise, lapis lazuli, peridot, sapphire, aquamarine, amethyst and highlights in silver and gold. (no copper) It is an easy pattern.
I was in charge of ticket sales, so I set up the table, recruited volunteers, made sure they were sell supplied with programs and tickets and ink for stamp pad. I also gave out dollar bills in change to several vendors and did a bunch of gopher stuff. Set up and took down. Set up takes about 10, take down took about 1 1/2. Had a great time. Spent most of three days there.
I think I'll concentrate on my family for a while!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You can quilt anything

This is a quilted coffee sleeve that a friend made for me for Christmas. Note the coffee beans. And the anonymous white cup.

Look, Susie, two posts in one day!

OK, Susie, a new post

My Sister complained that I haven't posted in a while.

I assume she wants me to say more than that.

We have two cats in the house, about 2 years old. They arrived about 4 months after my old cat died at 20 years almost exactly. I wasn't used to seeing eye to eye with a cat anymore, nor having to protect the butter.

If you own a cat, then you just have to accept that your house is now one big jungle gym.

Don't forget that cats are nocturnal animals. Until we had them fixed, they would announce very loudly that they wanted a man. (At one point I told my daughter "It is a good thing we don't act like that during our periods!" She looked at me totally shocked and said "Motherrrrrr!") They went into heat two times in that month. Now at night they just run around and fight each other.

During the day they act like the sweetest things, asking politely for food, grooming each other and sleeping together. In this picture they are very busily getting cat hair all over the quilt that I take to the quilt show tomorrow, and I have explicit instructions to bring a clean quilt, which includes no tobacco smell, no stains (except for the antiques, of course) and no cat hair.