Friday, February 24, 2012

Angel Wings

Strange things go through your head when you are not sure what is going on, but you know something is definitely wrong. When I was driving across town to the hospital, not knowing what was happening with my granddaughter, the thought was "She can't die! I haven't made her a quilt yet!"

Like it would have made a difference.
We met Mika the day she was born. Laurie had her dressed in light turquoise and bright pink, and she was gorgeous. Hot pink definitely suited her. Which meant, of course, that the quilt had to be hot pink. And turquoise. (One of my favorite colors, and my mom's also.) I got out all my fabric and picked out a bunch of pink and turquoise, and even managed some orange for Laurie.

And they didn't get along.

So I rearranged them.

It didn't help.

I added black.

It sat there and stared at me for weeks.

And then I got a phone call saying something is wrong.

They flew Mika up to Spokane thinking there might be some hope, but within a few hours we knew there wasn't any, and Chris and I drove 2 1/2 hours hoping we would get there before she died.

In the hotel room I finally got some inspiration. It is basically the pink and blue fabrics, and the title angel wings. Laurie asked for orange, she always does.

I completed a piece about 20 inches square, just the top with a turned under hem, that went with her in the casket.

It didn't need to keep her warm. It just needs to make her look gorgeous as she plays in Heaven.

Monday, February 06, 2012


Fact 1: One of Lindsey's favorite games at our house is chasing Grandma or Grandpa back and forth across the house roaring.

Fact 2: Lindsey's new sentence this morning was "Dinosaur Roar."

Fact 3: When he got to our house this morning, his lastest sentence was "Grandpa Roar."

Conclusion: Grandma and Grandpa are dinosaurs.


1. Have I mentioned that he is our future Nobel winner?

2. This is the same conclusion that his mother came to when she was a teenager.

3. Picking up a new toy does not mean getting rid of the old ones.