Friday, November 20, 2009

you think you can get away with out grandbaby pictures?

Silly, silly thought.

new pots.

My husband said I should write about pots.
That is, as in pots and pans.

The official destroyer of pots got married and has her own pots to destroy. She now appreciates thick pots, although possibly not the care of the non-stick lining.
Anyway, I got new pots finally. Cuisinart Contour. I love them. I can use metal untensils in them.
I don't know what else I am supposed to say about them, but being a dutiful wife I have obeyed.
The pictures are totally unrelated. Don't we love our animals? The cat is just waiting for a chance to escape cleanly. She is getting very good at this. (The daughter is wearing a sweater I knit for the husband.)
The second is the view from our hotel room in Pendleton, Oregon. I could handle having this view. But I would miss having neighbors. Plus it is a long walk to the nearest espresso stand.