Monday, May 28, 2007

Purple Fungus

This picture is my 2nd cousin once removed in a tree. There being nothing else to do, she was amusing herself. We will show it to her kids.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The logic of a 17 year old.

Last weekend we went to a wedding 6 hours away from home. It was nice, my husband was in it and this is the 7th time he has worn a tie. So it was a landmark of sorts. We also got to visit relatives, help them with their garage sale (my husband my 2nd cousin once removed stood on a nearby corner fighting with bumper swords and pointing passing cars toward the house) and and met the biggest (domestic) cat I have ever seen. This cat weighs 25 pounds. It is definitely not all muscle. I was amazed that she was able to jump up to the cat tree.
We left the our kids at home.
We arrived Sunday night to the neatest Mother's Day present ever: the kids had cleaned up the house! Plus I got a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a two layer square chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I shared.
(Of course, I am missing a few things: a rent check (to us) and the envelope for the paper boy and my pencil holder from Taiwan. But they will show up.)
I was not really amused when the 17 year old told me "You have to drive me to Portland next Friday, because the drama presentation gets out after the bus leaves." I was not thrilled, since it was a 4 hour drive and we had just come through Portland! Then she adds that I don't have to stay overnight...if I'm arriving at 9:00, I am too staying overnight! I finally get more information out of her: The drama presentation ends at noon, and the bus leaves at noon. I e-mail both teachers and they are flexible.
So today I drop her off for the bus to Portland, she is at school in plenty of time, and I go home and eat lunch and take a nap. The 13-year old wakes me up. The older daughter is missing her permission slips. So I promise to get them to her right away, hang up, find them, and she calls (fortunately) and tells me that we are an hour down the road, and where will I meet her?
My first thought is that I will have to gas up the car.
My second thought is that I can fax the stupid things. "What is a fax?" my daughter asks.
Well, she learned something today.
Don't tell her we are having smoked salmon for dinner and the other daughter is getting a new movie.