Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Grandson posting

Mostly because that is all the pictures I have taken. I am sewing again, there is just nothing worth taking a picture yet. Well, except for the quilt that is Almost Done. We just entered it into the quilt show, so she has to finish it here pretty soon. As you can see, Tami is quite excited about it and ready to test it out, and the binding isn't even on it! I have created a monster, she has picked out fabrics for quilt #3, and the first two are not done yet!

The next picture is just Cute. And also shows that he likes to eat anything.

And we discover that Grandpa has a new game with the boy, who thoroughly enjoyed it. You would never know that the diaper is almost full.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Where is that camera when you need it??????

On the way to drop off kids at school today, we saw 8 (I counted them!) 8 mule deer.

My day is made.

And they were nowhere to be seen on the way home, so there was no use getting the camera. I guess I'm going to have to carry it around all the time. Since we have been in this house for 14 years, and those are the first time I've seen them, this could take quite a bit of patience. (Which, of course, you must never pray for.)

I think I am ahead. Connie has seen 6, Jack 2, Tami 8, and me 9.

Just a couple blocks from our house is a park, and the islands in the river are just a short swim, so the deer may live there in the winter. Or, if they don't mind a 4 or 5 block walk north of the park (and apparently they don't!), they can get out of town and live peacefully with just the coyotes, wolves, scorpions, rattlesnakes and whatnot.

Other wildlife around here that I have seen: coyotes, bull snake, black widows, scorpions, freshwater mussels and far too many seagulls, geese and ducks. I saw my first rattlesnake last fall on the Descutes River where it empties into the Columbia. I heard my first rattlesnake in northern California. It sounded like a 20 pound bumblebee.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

single-minded posting

This blog started out as a travelogue, then became a quilt blog, and now everythings revolves around the grandson. As this post is.

Well, if I would finish a quilt, I would post it. I have almost 5 tops finished. I like all the other steps better.

(Which reminds me, Annie, I still need a picture of Sonya's quilt.)

Anyway, all we have are grandbaby pictures. Still. It appears, from the second picture, that Grandpa can do something besides hold sleeping babies.

Nobody could find him after dinner on Sunday. We were looking for something with an actual face, not shoes sticking out the bottom of a blanket.