Saturday, January 19, 2013

I have decided not to spend a lot of effort in making an award winning gingerbread house, mainly because it is too much trouble. So instead I invite amateurs over and make fun ones. Notable past efforts included alien bugs and outhouses, both from apparently normal people. Then there was the guillotine with beheaded gummi bears and drops of blood (licorice, actually) from the pastor's oldest son.
This year’s just adds to the list. I invited two boys (ages 7 and 11) over, but they got sick on the designated Saturday before Christmas, so we decorated and put it together the day after Christmas. (lots of stuff was late last year, so no one got excited.)
These two boys have parents that attend science fiction conventions. So there is no way that this house is going to be normal.
I go to a lot of trouble to accurately cut (with my rotary fabric cutter) paper house forms so that everything will fit together perfectly. I am very careful to transfer the dough to the cookie sheet. Nevertheless, they do not end up square (or, more properly, rectangular).  I do, however, cut the front door out of the house on the cookie sheet so that it will stand open properly.
The younger boy glued the door shut (picture 2), forcing the gummi bears to jump out of the window.  You can see them lined up in picture one, hoping that there will be more frosting so they don't injure themselves on the metal cookie sheet.
The older boy made spikes on the roof with reindeer corn. These are docking stations for flying saucers (life saver candies).  The flying saucer crew seems to have fallen out on the roof and are desperately clinging to the roof to avoid the same fate as the window gummi bears.