Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You learn something new everyday

It is kinda cool to know people from all over the world.
Top: Adrianna from Columbia, Nadiya from Ukraine, and Chun-Man from Hong Kong, clowning around after decorating the Christmas Tree.
Middle: Krit from Thailand, Jae-Young from South Korea, and Sarita from Thailand, eating a thoroughly American Breakfast.
Bottom: Maham from Pakistan, Falak from Lebanon, and Ji-Hyun from South Korea, after a totally exhausting round of Mini-Golf.

Things I have learned from my exchange students:
French fries are not French
German Chocolate Cake is not German
Chinese Food is not Chinese (It is Westernized, and fortune cookies are from San Francisco)
Haagen Dasz is not Danish
Danishes aren't either
Swiss Cheese is not Swiss (It is a copy of Emmentaler, which is. Jarlsberg Swiss is Norwegian.)
Italian Sodas are not Italian

Monday, April 28, 2008

To post or not to post...

We went to visit relatives in Oregon. So here are a few pictures.
Our exchange student from Korea on the other side of the Pacific Ocean (Oceanside, OR). The clouds parted for about 3 hours while we were at the beach.
A cow sculpture in plants in a very upscale male on the SW side of Portland. All we spent money on was ice cream. (Haagen Dasz, which is not Danish.)
A couple of Portland bridges, taken from a railroad bridge near Chinatown (Which you can skip; the Asians have mostly moved to different parts of Portland). We made it to the car just before the storm hit us.