Sunday, January 27, 2008

It is a good thing they abbreviate it

This is a city in the middle of the Netherlands called s'-Hertogenbosch. Most people call it den Bosch, or the Bosch. The full name means "the duke's forest." I stumbled across a little known fact: The Hague is also a nickname. It's real name is s'-Gravenhage.

My host family took me around the town, there being nothing else to do on Sundays except look at all the shops that are closed. So we went into a bar, where we had lunch: a giant eclair (the first picture) and coffee -- didn't I tell you they think differently over there? It has more chocolate, about the same crust, and LOTS more whipped cream than an eclair.

All these pictures were taken on the same day. I didn't take a picture of the rain. People here just prepare for all weather, especially in November.

Actually, I'm kind of glad that I was in Europe in November. Much less crowded, and since I'm heat sensitive, the cold didn't bother me as much as it could have.
Weather report: record setting cold this week. Right now we have a few inches of snow over about a half inch of ice. The airport is closed, most churches cancelled services. And we have a Korean girl living with us. Four years ago we had a Korean girl with us and we had record setting cold and 18 inches of snow in one day. (Did you know that minivans don't make good snowplows?).
Time to change nationalities, like, say Thailand or Brazil.

Monday, January 14, 2008

seraching for...

I would like two things:

A way to get tapes or vinyl record albums (Remember those anybody?) onto CD.

A recipe for artisan garlic bread like the one sold at my local Fred Meyer store. It has whole garlic baked into the loaf. I tried making it myself, but the garlic turned out wrong. (My Korean girl, an expert, said so.) I do know that this bread uses raw, not roasted garlic. Other stores (Albertsons, Costco) use roasted garlic and I like Fred Meyer's better. Fred Meyer charges $3.49 a loaf and it occasionally goes on sale for $2, so I thought I would make it myself.

Life must be good if that is the only two things I am worried about.