Friday, August 26, 2011

what i did on my summer vacation

I called a lot of people to ask if they would like an exchange student. I was only trying to sell two this summer. I just got the last one sold last week.

I worried about Jack not having a job. he got one last week.

I worried about my younger daughter growing up, since she turns 18 tomorrow. At which point she will be magically mature, ethical and responsible.

Then there is today. I had everything under control until...last night. Then I found out I needed to pick up my older daughter 20 minutes early, and that we were out of milk. I was so tired that I didn't think about these things.

6:45: woke up and did morning routine.
7:00 made coffee. no milk. this is a problem. found sweetened condensed is good. first problem of day easily solved.
8:15 Sent e-mails off to appropriate parties: do you want these three students at your school (#2) and are they available.
8:35 went to school #1 and tried to get paperwork. They are not open yet.
9:00 went back to school #1 and got paperwork. Sent it in.
9:25 went to pick up daughter, went to store, item not available or something.
10:00 dropped daughter and granddaughter off at school to register, took grandson home.
school #2 calls and wants to arrange appointment about graduation for exchange student. Can't this wait until after Labor Day? yes!!!! problem tabled.
10:10 found out two students for school #2 are available, they want them. give grandson to daughter, boyfriend (hers, that is) and exchange student to play with while I trade even more e-mails and print out three forms and application for each student. Then there is the student I placed last night: need more forms. write more e-mails. call references. make sure my boss's home is available for one student, mine for another.
12:00 older daughter calls and is ready to be picked up. get grandson and paperwork, pick up daughter, deliver paperwork to school #2, take daughter and granddaughter to 1:00 appointment.
1:00 take grandson to shopko where I need to buy chips for exchange student's potluck dinner. Step on someone else's gum. keep grandson out of gum. buy snacks for them, because they aren't getting lunch until after two. school #2 calls and says paperwork is signed. daughter calls and says 1:00 appointment was for two days ago, and she has rescheduled for 2:30 today. interesting.
1:20 pick up daughter and granddaughter and take them out to lunch.
1:50 Pick up paperwork at school #2. One official wanted two other students, but they got placed with someone else. I state that if he wants two more students he can be their host dad, I am only signing up to find two more host families.
2:25: Drop daughter and grandkids off at appointment. Go home.
2:40: scan paperwork and e-mail. forward e-mail about student for school #1.
2:50: take exchange student to football practice.
3:15: pick up daughter, etal, go to rite aid, step on someone else's gum, get prescription, take them home.
3:45: decide to get a 16 oz iced latte with almond and skim milk. the sour cream and onion pringles which I bought for my daughter but didn't tell about are sounding really good too.
4:10: home. tidy up paperwork. get last reference.
5:27: I hear my husband arrive home. if he asks about dinner, he is going to get decked.
5:30 husband plays with dog instead. he reads this as I type and decides not to ask for dinner.
5:34 husband, after reading this, decides to ask for dessert. this I can probably handle. if I don't have to make it.