Friday, November 24, 2017

Toilets in Thailand

The one thing you should be ware of when traveling in Asia is the toilets.  It is not that they are dangerous, per se, but that many of them are holes in the floor, for which you must squat.  I used this kind of toilet in Taiwan 10 years ago, just to say I did.  I do NOT need to repeat this.

At least in Thailand, you can find signs that tell you this is an old lady bathroom:  you can sit.

Of course, this also means that Some People may not quite understand that you do not stand on a sit down toilet to squat...

And this is a "bring your own toilet paper" kind of country.  But they do have little hoses to wash you off.  Which, I would like to point out, is better than a bidet, because you squat for a bidet.  well, hover, but at my age that is the same as a squat.

And, on the lighter side, here are some cute bathroom signs


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