Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Obligatory Travel First Post: Toilet Humor

Unfortunately, this time I did not encounter any interesting toilet signs.  I did, however, get away from where English-speaking tourists regularly go and encountered this choice:

Any guesses?

The top is men, the bottom women.

By mutilating the pronunciation of the bottom, which is kind of zjeny, but with a soft j, I got "Jenny."  I also got some raised eyebrows and a snort of exasperation.  But mutilating the pronunciation of foreign words is what we are good at here in the U. S. of A.  At least I did not change the meaning, which is also one of our talents.

Pension (or sometimes Penzion) means hotel.  SOKOL is the name of the hotel, and means "falcon."  I warn you though, I used Google Translate for this, and it gave me "economy" when it should have given me "lord," and "jerk" when it should have given me "sing."  So trust me at your own risk. (You can trust me that muzi is men and zeny is women, because I was talking to actual Czech speakers who are also competent in English)

Inside, I encountered my first pull string toilet.

How to flush this toilet is obvious.  Just pull the string, right?  Well, you have to pull the string for a second or two, or flushing is...incomplete.  Some people at camp must have been in a hurry.

Also, if you pull the string too hard, it can break.

Ask me how I know this.

And I should probably warn you:  do no use the public toilets in the main square of Cesky Krumlov.  You are better off holding it.


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