Saturday, June 27, 2015

what did people do before air conditioning?

The grandkids were over.  The high was 115 F (The is 46 Celsius) at 5:00.  We stayed inside, being smart.  We didn't go outside until 6, when it was only 111.  (43.9)  With water of course.  The humidity is only 18%, so that's OK.

Lachlann (out future engineer) likes to figure out things.  Today he discovered how to use the hose, and he was totally thrilled.

Then Jack decided to show him how to block the water flow:

Lachlann learns really fast,

He spent a lot of time watering the two nearby trees, getting himself wet, and generally having a great time.  We went in when I decided I was too hot.

Next time, I get the hose.


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