Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Preplanning. Theory only.

Today started yesterday.  My six exchange students (2 actually live in my house) decided that they have to get together  AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE before they all exit the country and live further away from each other.  This creates a problem, because rule number 13 is that exchange students don't make decisions well.

The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who didn't make a decision.

This saying does not inspire them.

They finally decided that go-karts are too expensive (potentially being against the rules didn't faze them) and they would go mini-golfing instead.  Now they are given another decision:  lunch first, or mini-golfing first?  Guess who decided.


I also decided on time and who is driving whom.  This made them happy, especially the part about not starting until noon which enabled them all to sleep in.

Then I find out that one host mom (who lives 30 minutes away) not only has not been informed, but has a bad headache.  Plans changed; I picked those two up instead.  (Plus I had to get gas, which was not in the plans either.}

Mini-golf was a success in that 4 made holes in one!

Then it started to rain.  (There is a saying that you are not so sweet you will melt in the rain.  I would like to correct this statement:  rain does not melt things, it dissolves things.  The wicked witch of the east (or was it the west?) just wasn't educated in chemisty.) So we sped things up.

Now there is another decision:  where do we eat?

After some discussion, mostly around cost, we went with Lorenzo's (Lorenzo is into good food.  He is also The Guardian of the Nutella.) original suggestion:  Fujiyama's, which was moderately expensive but they all decided they could handle it.  And, of course, Lorenzo has to test the grill to see if it was hot.

Ironically, it was Marta who got all the ice packs.

I am going to drag Jack into that restaurant.

Then Ella had a great idea:  She would make cinnamon rolls at my house.  This was met with universal approval (YES!  A DECISION) and so we left, via a coffee shop drive through in which we managed not to confuse the barista too much.

And this is the result:

Ella makes the best cinnamon rolls ever and it is a good thing that she did not live with me. I already gained a lot of weight with Alex and Lorenzo's cooking!  I should also mention that nutella is good on these things.

Then Ella also decided that everybody's eyebrows needed tweezing; I escaped.  so did Jack.  so did Alex.

Now they are watching a movie.  It took 20 minutes to decide that.

I am going to miss these guys.  Even this one:


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