Sunday, August 05, 2018

Rain, Etc

Those of you who know me know that 1, I  have been in Europe for 2 1/2 weeks,  2, I check the weather every day.   You might also have run across weather reports about Europe having a heat wave.  It has been consistently in  the high 80's here,  with upwards of 60 % humidity.  At home,  it had been consistently over 100, with a high temperature of 107 F (41.5 C) and 10 % humidity.

BUT everybody at home has air conditioning.

I have been dripping for 2 1/2 weeks. Alcohol makes it worse.  Which is too bad, because beer in cheaper than water in Prague.

Before I left home,  I checked the weather for Paris and Prague.  It showed rain every day,  and thunderstorms periodically.

And every day I was here, it was sunny,  hot, and the rain was pushed back a day or two.  I have decided that European weather must be harder to predict than Washington State weather.

Yesterday,  we finally got the rain and thunderstorms.   We were waking around Prague in the evening, and it got a little cloudy. Then we got nice big drops of rain.   Margaret and I stopped in a shop and bought umbrellas.

And contrary to the laws of purchasing supplies, we did not stop the rain.   It rained harder.   And then we heard low rumbling thunder of far away.   And then we saw lightning.

All my Midwestern friends hide your eyes for this next sentence.

We kept on walking in the streets of Prague.

I entertained my friends by reporting the number of seconds between lightning and thunder.  Once,  when I reported a 5 second delay after a 3 second delay,  George said hopefully, "So it is moving away?"

The next delay I was unable to report...I didn't have time to start counting.

Weather forecast for the day i return home:  110 F.  That is 43 C.

The only way to change that is for me to wash the car.


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