Friday, November 22, 2013

Starbucks is everywhere.  It is in all the airports I have flown through (except Pasco), it is between the former Berlin wall near the Brandenburg Gate, it is in Prague, it is in France (who also accepted MacDonalds, but according to my daughter the food there is the best of all the MacDonalds she has been in), it is in Budapest. The Dutch started their own Starbucks, Douwe Egberts  (the first is pronounced "dow", don't even ask me about the second).

There are three ways to look at this.  One of course, is negative (especially because they discontinued almond flavoring).

One positive way to look at this:  They offer free bathrooms that are clean.  You get to pay to use bathrooms in Europe.  (I used a free bathroom.  You should not.)  Prices range from 100 Hungarian forint (50 cents) to 2 Euro ($2.70).  Obviously, you should go Hungary to use the bathrooms.  However, if you can't hold it that long, go to Starbucks (or MacDonalds).  You do have to buy something, since the bathrooms are for customers only.  (For the record, I had been to Starbucks previously in the US, and I did go to Starbucks in the London, so I was technically a customer.  Just in case someone asks.)

Third, Starbucks is a sign of prosperity: the people have extra money to spend.  This is a good thing.

In the end, though, I passed up Starbucks in Budapest for this, it was more fun.  And more tasty.


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