Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lots of Bathroom Humor

With 5 different cities, you would expect that there will be lots of pictures to take of strange bathrooms.  And you would be right.  First, the Genteel.  In Bratislava, I found these:  (Sorry about the picture quality, the coffee is really strong in Eastern Europe, and I had two.)

And another classy one in our hotel in Prague:

And this was cute, at our high-end restaurant in Prague:
Did I mention the restaurant was on a boat?
I was musing on the ubiquitous skirts for women, when we generally only wear them for special occasions anymore.  Would there be a time when people wonder what that funny looking triangle really means?  This is an issue in places like Europe, where you can't just put "Men" and "Women" in 15 or 20 different languages.  That is when I came across these, in a Budapest restaurant:

You simply cannot beat that for clarity.  And given the recent failure of the "Sitzpinkler" campaign in Germany, this will not go out of date soon.  But for harsh reality, check out Dordrecht, Netherlands:

There was only one toilet in each bathroom, after all.  And, this is a country, after all, that has extra, shall we say, liquid.
The Piece de Resistance (you need to insert the appropriate accents yourself) was in Paris:

Only is Paris is one square of toilet paper useful for all practical purposes.


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